Jane Helen Croft. Author.

Writing and investigating the paranormal in Van Diemen's Land

Although legally I'm known as Jane Helen Croft, certain friends and family members have their own nicknames for me. Janey, Miss Jane, Lady Jane, Crofty and Possum - in no order of preference - are just a few. However whereas each term of endearment conjures up images of a fun-loving person, which by the way is correct, neither one hints at my hidden persona. Specifically that of Calamity Jane. Not only am I incredibly clumsy and accident-prone, I'm also like a magnet to unique situations, strange occurrences and peculiar people. Basically if it's weird, creepy, unimaginable or just downright comical, it will find me..  

The Orb Within

Gemma Underwood is a renowned psychic. She's wealthy, contentedly single and living with her adult daughter Mia, in their hereditary home, Walnut Manor. Along with her psychic healer business partner and best friend Lisa. Gemma follows a hectic work schedule. Her agenda lends no time for romantic interludes..  [more]

Children of Stone

When most middle-aged couples contemplate making a sea change, a beachside haven or secluded country cottage usually springs to mind. For psychic investigators Ryan and Holly Steele, their future held a vastly different agenda, one that certainly would not include peaceful retirement..  [more]

Libraries Tas

Being a very important person, I'm connected with LT and here is a story about that..  [more]


I was invited to Channel 10's Studio10 show to discuss my writing and background. And here is the exciting story about that.   [more]

Ghost Post!

The paranormal website Ghost Post interviewed me about my new book. Here is the fascinating story about that..  [link]

Amateur Archaeology

In January 1972 the 'Treasures of Tutankhamun' exhibition arrived at the British Museum in London..   [read]

Confessions of an Adult Toy Rep..

Did you know I used to sell sex toys for a living..? Check out Part I of my experiences..   [read]

Confessions of an Adult Toy Rep, Part II

Mechanical problems lead to a compromising situation..  [read]

Potty Pommies

PP01: Stories and anecdotes from a former Prisoner of Mother England..  [read]

Crop Circles

I'm interested in crop circles. In fact I'm very very very very interested indeed..   [link..]

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