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The Orb Within

The Orb Within is Jane's first published piece. Gemma Underwood is a renowned psychic. She's wealthy, contentedly single and living with her adult daughter Mia, in their hereditary home, Walnut Manor. Along with her psychic healer business partner and best friend Lisa, Gemma follows a hectic work schedule. Her agenda lends no time for romantic interludes. When the suave character Robert Langton unexpectedly appears on the scene and cunningly manipulates his way into her heart, it's not until the pair are married that Gemma realises there's something very amiss about her new husband.

As The Orb Within leads its readers into a sickening world of debauchery, incest and witchcraft, we follow Gemma's desperate bid to expose Robert's darker side. But while her bestowed gift enables her to easily dispel malevolent entities, dealing with real life evil turns out to challenge her capabilities. Can Gemma's earthbound companions and spiritual allies assist in her quest? Will Robert get his comeuppance?

Paperback: 230 pages
ISBN-10: 1784652784
ISBN-13: 978-1784652784
Currently out of print, watch this space for news of future availability. Copies may be available via book outlets such as

The Orb Within at Browns Books UK.

This book is also available through Libraries Tasmania.

Children of Stone

When most middle-aged couples contemplate making a sea change, a beachside haven or secluded country cottage usually springs to mind; somewhere tranquil to enjoy one's golden years. For psychic investigators Ryan and Holly Steele, their future held a vastly different agenda, one that certainly would not include peaceful retirement.

After purchasing a unique property in Northern Tasmania, the newly wed couple move to the idyllic Apple Isle and immediately start focusing on the launch of their online venture, Mystical Steele. But when a team of hired landscape gardeners make an astonishing discovery in the grounds of the estate triggering a spike in paranormal activity, any thoughts of business are soon put aside as Ryan and Holly begin both the task of uncovering the estate's history and exposing the horrors that dwell within.

Still in the making, this book will form part of a trilogy. Each novel not only draws its readers into the personal lives of Holly and Ryan Steele, the intriguing storyline also allows us to experience the realms of the afterlife alongside the paranormal investigators..

Amateur Archaeology

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Crop Circles

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